tezos-artcast #029: little old man

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little old man

In this quirky and high flying episode of the tezos-artcast we made friends with the artist known as little old man. In this interview we got to see his process for creating the panels for his project on tezos called ‘Cowboy Love is Pure’ which went from scribbled sketches on scraps of paper to the unique panels you’ll see here. Enjoy!

“Cowboy Love is Pure 1-001: Chapter One Begins”

“1-009: Objective 1”

“1-012: I will pay attention to girls”

“1-017: You have failed”

“Shark of Wisdom 6: Future”

from algorand series

“A Cowboy Floats”

We are looking forward to seeing more from little old man in the future! Watch the full interview to see how he gets the textures and colors for his panels and get a look inside his twisted centipede brain!

He even created this custom panel for the artcast that he sent to our viewers for the occasion! It’s called ‘Surrounded’ and is one of my favorite pieces in the collection!

Peace Love and Art! -pc84


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