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Ben Clarkson: 'Brain Worms'
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Here we are for another review of great stuff we’ve encountered in our search through the Tezos nft multiverse! We also welcomed Versum marketplace to the list of places for discovery! Cheers!


Gem: ‘H31’
fluffy pumpkin: ‘Hallo-chess’
bustarinov: ‘Codec XIII’
__Kathlyn__: ‘Kindness’
Victoria West: “Tormented’
Clay Puppies: ‘pfpup#078’
Klangwelt: ‘Aoede’

funnysandwich: ‘LittleHouse_06_a’

Defy Ennui: ‘Star Gazing’
Andreas Rau: ‘Disharmony’
killstale: ‘Barrio Sur’

Concept and visuals by @yakudoo. Music, voices and sound effects by @1x1_NFT and @julesmaxmusic

Virgill_Artz: ‘Skully’

Zimbabwe3000: ‘Whispering Breath Of The Dreams’

Falcaolucas: ‘timeFragmentA’
unborn: ‘UBUGZ 36’
gunberk gulderen: ‘Hand of the Pianist’
MaxSuper: ‘Sleep Fellas’
Wessel: ‘The End’
Ben Clarkson: ‘Brain Worms’

Happy Hunting Everyone!

Peace Love & art

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