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We had the opportunity to sit down with game designer and illustrator sane genre to discuss the dopest game on Tezos -‘Dope Bois’. What could at first be mistaken for simply amazing character design and illustration, is in fact an extremely well structured game that could be played anywhere too! sane shared his thoughts on game design, character development, roller-blades,squiggly legs and so much more!

everything starts with a

lame boi

Burn the lame boi to ‘get dope or get dead’. As you can see here-Hank got dope! Now Hank is ready to brawl!

If you do end up with a dead boi-all hope is not lost! Just find some of this potion to return like lazarus!

Two of the undead are ready to do battle with the living!

Sanes illustrations reflect an artist who isn’t a one trick pony. He gave away a lame boi to our viewers during the show, as well as an edition of his personal work from the praying hands series! Go check out his other collection here!

‘everything’s rhinawesome’
‘Face it, You Blue it’

To learn more about full game dynamics and to engage with the dopebois community join their discord HERE !View the full gammut of characters and cards HERE Don’t forget to stop by DOPE BOIS Headquarters We’ll see you next time!

Peace Love & Art!-pc84

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