art exploration: 2/22

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Feature- Case Kimba: 'Call me a taxi'
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The more this space evolves, the more we need to shape our community through lifting up artists and creators who are making our lives better through sharing their art. Support the artists you love, and go out and find new favorites!

Fendie Daywalker: ‘Inferno’
Baruhl Marta: ‘Mono Paint 2’
cmxivvii: ‘Agonist’
CaseKimba: ‘Call me a taxi’
Artic Poor: ‘Notes of Dark-Cyan Crow #003-3’
Ayden Farro: On the Ground (B&W version)’
Ryuujiron: ‘Crystal’
Little Oil Art: ‘Hide and Seek’
zaztima: ‘overly logical turtle explaining what seems to be obvious’
IagoDS: ‘Dama de Azul’
Ateliê 407: ‘Futurism’

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