tezos-artcast #002

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—tezos-artcast discoveries from Tuesday March 23rd 2021—

spacelucy: ‘Bellona’
Amelie: ‘Jerusalem Cube’

fantasma: ‘The Horses’
Mario Klingeman: ‘This is Not a Code of Conduct’
Django Bits: ‘The Couple’
Neural Haze: ‘Haze Aesthetics #10’
systemofkak: ‘have to go’
Yoeshi: ‘In Memory of Maestro “The Buddah Kitty”

Milan Faassen: ’10 feet long foot’
Danilo Batista: ‘sk8’
Patrick Tresset: ‘Study for masked portraits, Ho Yan Lam Grace, 2021’
Aziz K. : ‘Split Second #4’
pedr0x: ‘Satoshi Nakamoto Card’
unknown: ‘AWAKENING!’

unknown: ‘Gothic Style’
unknown: ‘abstract dreamy aesthetics #25’
unknown: ‘Portrait 1’
Crow Buntry: ‘Smoke a little Less, Drink a Little More.’

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  1. [gT_I]

    That Satoshi Yu-Gi-Oh card makes me giggle every time.

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