tesos-artcast #003

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—Here’s a recap of some amazing artists from the tezos art space we found during our explorations 3.29.2021! Tune in next week and follow us on twitter @ArtcastTezos—

Bianca Branco: ‘Eye
franciscoskt: ’35mm’
thom gillespie: ‘Rhino in the lawn’
Johan Karlsson: ‘Half and Half’
mimeartist: ‘How is Lockdown Treating You?’
neurosis: ‘The Sabbatic Goat’
Dave Lineal: ‘The Reading Woman’
Sirius: ‘An observer with his coffee cup
Preslav Rachev: ‘Forest Fire’
M Plummer-Fernández: ‘Cave Painting’
680: ‘Why can’t we Just take a break?’
Ales Lyalush: Wednesday’
cybernetix: ‘Curl’

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