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We had a good time with our new friends Jess Hewitt & Alex Ayers. These two made a bit of magic for you to start your journey into generative art with NOISEDECK ! Jess aka @rustysniper1 gave a beautiful piece for this weeks exclusive giveaway titled ‘Pulse’. A Perfect Clean Nft for Earth Day!

Check out all the sweet EarthDay collaborations betwwen  Kalamint & Pangeaseed [HERE]

Enjoy This weeks finds!

tezos-artcast Exclusive #3 Jess Hewitt: ‘Pulse’

Jess Hewitt: ‘Pulse’
pixocrypto: ‘GHOSTS’
Danilo Batista: ‘Elvira’
c0smic bliss: ‘Reflection’
sasquatch: ‘Ignorance’
George Savva: ‘Lissajous curves square dancing’
Cancersucks jnow: ‘Time waits now’
Claire Droppert: ‘Heart Call’
ruanth chrisley: “‘And God said let there be light’ because Sound was already working”
Peter Javidpour: ‘Duke’
Scott Gelber: ‘End User (Dithered)’
Steph Edwards: ‘Coming Together’
Leander Herzog: ‘Basecamp’
NFTraider: ‘Happy Easter!’

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