tezos-artcast #007

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“Arts are infusing the blockchain with color, shape and life!” –THÖR

We had a great time with animator and graffiti artist THOR this week and talked psychedelics, color, perception, hip-hop, the matrix and oh yeah-art! We also gave away 5 Doubloons that create TezosPirates(thanks Flygohr!!!)

Check out more of his THORS work HERE !

THOR left us with this little cutie for artcast giveaway #5!

Cryote: ‘Wιƚԋιɳ Gɾαʂρ’
Astral Darkness: ‘MELTED’
Juan Pablo Patino: ‘Soundproof’
E. Merlin Murray: ‘Teacup Police’
yon Frula: ‘DIVERSITY’
Travis L Southworth: ‘Francis Bacon and Robocop Changed My Life’
El Dorado: ‘Mundo de los ojos’
Hornebom: ‘dmxmd #110’
Kazumasa Teshigawara: ‘MMZ 8’
dead_marcelo: ‘modular de domingo’
Kiszkiloszki: ‘Kiszkiloszki studio desk’
gustavo paim: ‘droning loop 003: performance (Floating Tuning)

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