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Celebrate! Celebrate for Celebrations sake!

Zisis Bliatkas

Zizis Bliatkas joined pc84 & GoodTimes for the artcast and talked about using more restrictive tools as an artist to bring a focus to the artwork. Zisis explained why he likes tools like mspaint to work digitally and the influence of outsider art in his work. Then we explored together and waxed poetic about life the universe and everything….

tezos-artcast exclusive #4 Zisis Bliatkas: ‘Celebrate’

Zisis Bliatkas: ‘Celebrate’
Renato Moll: ‘Psychedelic Meditation’
Estelle Flores: ‘Love Illusions’
odo: ‘hfold 1.3’
One Flat: ‘The White Fabric #3’
Orkgotic: ‘Fireface’
James Alec Hardy: ‘210506 002 painting composition’
Javier Arredondo: ‘Wire Mess’
Rapha_danslesnuages: ‘Idea #11’
Z_o.d.d: ‘Oubli’
Iskra Velitchkova: ‘Number V’
greweb: ‘plot #087’
JH Park: ‘Noise visual music abstract episode #1’
Hey Sempai: ‘D.W.O #006’
Nitrosocke: ‘Cloud of Life’
Sergey: ‘Little Planets #1’

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