tezos-artcast #009

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Good Times and pc84 boarded a pirate ship and sailed the oceans led by Captain Flygohr to visit the birthplace of TEZOS PIRATES. We got a look into the process that randomly generates these characters and talked about the insane amount of work that goes into the projects this guy puts together. We discussed finding the help in unexpected places and working through art blocks by project hopping.

Caesuras: ‘CSRSNT-CAAI-054-of-128.png
Alexander Kovalevsky: ‘Abstract Shape’
Scott X: ‘sanski most, bih’
Christian Gwiozda: ‘I’
Leandro Dexter: ‘Cyberjackal’
Ruslan Bolgev: ‘The Witch’
Yannisz: ‘Tripophobia’
shig: ‘Mystery Fish’
Isabella e Felipe: ‘contraposiĆ§Ć£o_07’
Michael Lowe: ‘Confused Cyclist’
Bunny Knights!: ‘Bunny Knights #79’
Advan Shumiski: ‘monera’

Will Geary: ‘Permission to Explore the Irrational’
S1N3: ‘VIII The First Dream

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