tezos-artcast #011

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Tezotopia is a world building game that is being built on Tezos! We talked with Joab from gifdotgames to learn more about this amazing project that is getting a lot of attention and promises to be around for a long time! We got a little promotional piece of land to call our own that floats in our little tezos-artcast space! Enjoy!

Ben Barnhardt: ‘Gmi++’
The Polygonist: ‘POLYERITICON-erotopolygonal act Nr. 6’
Boris Chimp 504: ‘Scanning the Surface of Vale Tudo 07’
Maks Surguy: ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’
Wessel: ‘Scrambled eggs’
MEKAZOO: ‘Just One More’
madebymotel: ‘da[ph]ne’
dani leoni: ‘Jauria III’
Aracno Crypto: ‘Crypto Spider 009 -Pixel’
Diana Pugach: ‘I lost my crystal in the forest’
x3r0ne: ‘Turning Corners’
Scott Gelber: ‘Ceremony 1 (FM Version)’
Dave Yang: ‘New Order’

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