tezos-artcast #012

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Pc84 had a fascinating conversation with poet and artist Sasha Stiles talking about what it’s like to work in collaboration with AI to create poetry. Her project ‘Cursive Binary’ shows what a language to linking humans and machines in the future might evolve into as we move towards singularity. Later this year she will be releasing a hybrid book of poetry including “trans-human translations”.

_ROJO: ‘It’z ON!’
allyourlittlefaces: ‘Fly away with me’
Hedonistic Future: ‘Sabedoria/Knowledge’
Lance Weiler: ‘Boy with Gun’
Michal Mann: ‘Into the Winter’
Daniel Oropeza: ‘Cube Carpet’
Huw Messie: ‘Tensioned Attaching’
Technelegy: ‘Like Robots, most humans have human-like emotions.’

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