tezos-artcast #013

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On this episode we get to know Stef J the artist and illustrator behind Pawtraits and ZodiakCats on Tezos has just released a new random generative project called #YourCatz that is adorable and straight up awesome!

Luis Ponce 1.0: ‘Opthylum Tardigrada’
Wayne Chu: ‘A Conversation with Polygone’
Scott X(2): ‘beer factory bottling line 2’
Flygohr & Pure Spider: ‘HIC ET DONO | Commemorative
Launch Stamp
Stefano Colferai: ‘I will not post my works under any ‘shill me your art works’ thread’
Fornax Void: ‘To The Top’
Brett Bolton: ‘Hand Sliced’
Iskra Velitchkova: ‘Owl Sailing on the wind’
khorenyan: ‘Trypophobia’

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