tezos-artcast #014

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On this episode of the artcast we’re joined by DREAMZ an artist and beatmaker who shares what inspires him to create and his journey into the nft world. Plus we have a little Squadron battle at the end of the episode that was a blast!

Clint Fulkerson: ‘Force Array III’
Edgar Invoker: ‘# Error 5’
Neon Museum: ‘Yum Kaax’
Raymond George Dias: ‘Drown’
Alex Ayars: ‘Dream Matter iii’
Claudio Dalla Bernardina: ‘Psychedelic Cat’
D1G1-L0C0: ‘homunculus stroll’
mimnermos: ‘I AM WORTHY’
Dave Gamez: ‘Ribbon’
Spu: ‘Welcome to the Highway of Tomorrow’
Thamina Rastagar: ‘Icy 01’

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