tezos-arcast #015

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Today we are joined by Bjorn Calleja who’s oil paintings come to life through a vivid combination of color, texture and subject matter in a way that is all his own! We talk about his journey as an artist from advertising to NFT’s and hear about why his pieces are so full of joy!

Robert Monroe: ‘On Top’
Roni Block: ‘yellow_abaude_3’
Smeaf Sculpts: ‘Midnight Smoke’
Wobl: ‘tentacle monster’
Cem Buyukpilavci: ‘Afternoon Tea’
Lewis: ‘The Choice’
Andrew J Bell: ‘Sunshine Daydream’
Adam Romanowicz: ‘Orange Marbled Orange Weaver’
Guadalupe Sierra: ‘Rodrigo’
миша ученик: ‘underground’
Jet: ‘Tab Watching’
Renata Rubim: ‘Paper’
DroneN: ‘Reversed Perspective Bones’
Nodashnet: ‘Splitflapesque ASCII Sinewave

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