tezos-artcast #016

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On this weeks tezos-artcast we meet HORNEBOM an artist and designer who’s work feels as at home in the future as it would have in any era past. We love HORNEBBOM’s art and can’t wait to meet up!

Marc Fendel: ‘Drizzle Butters’
Dillon Parton: ‘Best of Us’
Eriksonap: ‘I see you’
greweb: ‘plot 91 winter’
Al Keddie: ‘Street Painting IV’
QUBYT: ‘QUBE # 16’
siriusdraws: ‘The Unwary Astronaut: Around’
Al Keddie: ‘Moving Bodies’
CHOR: ‘Alien Cap’
orkibal: ‘Kena Rasuk’
StrangeCase: ‘Room #2’
Sergey: ‘Little Planets #08’
witchkana: ‘Love me, Love me not’

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