tezos-artcast #017

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World building can be a direct reflection of what we want to see in the become of humanity and simultaneously what we want to avoid. Today we sat down to explore the world Mathew Tsirides has been inspired to put together for that exact purpose. With a background in illustration, design and working as a concept artist for gaming studios, he’s brought this expertise and passion into laser focus for his epic project: RINGWORLDS!

Stanislav Tolkachev: ‘We went in different directions’
Fractal Vector: ‘Analog Journey’
Daniel Oropeza: ‘Moonlight’
GoldCat: ‘One Thousand Stars’
Algoritmart: ‘Cyclic Cellular Automata -64’
Ancient Froggy: ‘Demon Spawn’
Anna Zejmo: ‘Eclectic |’
femiki.. the paniki: ‘Queen of Decay 8Bit(pink)’
JoyJo: ‘Blown City’
EVE: ‘Shape #2’
makeitrad: ‘Potion 01’
Paco Limited: ‘Usual Unusual Suspects 1’

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