tezos-artcast #018

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In this episode of the artcast, pc84 is joined by Lance Weiler aka Culture Hacker to talk about his upcoming immersive project ‘Where There’s Smoke’. This performance weaves NFT’s, storytelling and imaginative art into an experience that shows that NFT’s are more than just code bound to JPEGS! The two talk about film, the implications of NFT’s for artists of all kinds in the future and our ability to shape that future and heal through storytelling.

Visit http://smokeproject.co/hen to learn more!

Nft of the day: Culture Hacker: ‘The View From My Backyard’

Yoeshi Labs feturing FKB: Crypto
Little Old Man: ‘Cowboy Love is Pure 1- Objective 1’
Gio Mariani: ‘delay’
DALEK: ‘10000 Space Monkeys
Danilo: ‘Sorry we’re closing the city’
Beppe: ‘The Tree Of Light’
Jens J Gulliksen: ‘Running Dog’
Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez: ‘polycircle composition #7153429.5’
May Toyo: ‘Finding Light’
Okin: ‘RAW Series: The Punished’
N-Lite: ‘デジタルASP★///’
Axstone: ‘Wolf’
Nicolau: ‘Cadillac Dino! feel me?’
Purz: ‘silent.running.004’
Pierre Coetzee: ‘Verbs #044’
Mind Theatre: ‘Catsy Driver’
Anthony Hurd: ‘444 on the Floor’
Arief Witjaksana: ‘Runtime_Error’
Eugene Chekhov: ‘Shuttered Wheel’

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