tezos-artcast #019

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We welcome Order & Chaos a creative coder, artist, game developer and wizard crafting tools for Tezos users! Projects we will talk about include work on Drone Squadron: Elite, Glitch Birds, hen.radio and more! Buckle up, we’re going to space!

S. Rodan: ‘Mothership Vul’os’
Huw Messie: ‘7-7’
Andreas Rau: ‘Opus Null’
igdeputra: ‘Forest’
Dacosta Works: ‘Moon Eater’
Roman Casus: ‘Outsider #2’
John Karel: ‘Window Still Life 070’
Pure Mattness: ‘Rapture 001’
dead marcelo: ‘Dead’
Glitched_David: ‘Skull 001’
Berni: ‘Glitch’
anticrash: ‘Cerebral Bisection’
psilosamples: ‘PSILOBOT- Ir4 random exp acid3’

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