weekly exploration: 7.22.21

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We took a little break from our live stream this week so we could have a bit of down time and come back refreshed next week! That doesn’t mean we stopped exploring the wonderful community and it’s creations!

AlabamaNFT: ‘Don’t Waste Water’
Ahmet Ozcan: ‘Monsterland 01’
Loriana: ‘The immensity’
Monokai: ‘Cacophonia [006]’
MADKRTEK: ‘Acknowledge’
nica: ‘see no evil’
die with the most likes: ‘harvest your adoration two’
Patrick Tresset: ‘Experiment 13/07/21, Mumbling Man’
Iannocent: ‘AM I CUTE?’
WeTheFingers: ‘FV022|batman’
beisik: ‘intrdor.15’
OAK: ‘Walk Among the Giants’
Ankabul: ‘Multi-Eyed’
blumes: ‘Ophanim’
Kholmo: ‘Coral Coraza’
Or Yogev: ‘SNK&BY’
Tommy Chandra: ‘Lucanidae vikerkaar variant
CyberFox: ‘The Mushroom’
Chunky Isla: ‘Butterfly Warrior’

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