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Today the tezos-artcast gets to know the creator & collector known as:

dead marcelo

13 questions followed by a live performance!

(ta)tezos-artcast: So let’s start out simply with who you are and where you’re from!

(dm)dead marcelo: My name is Marcelo Moura, I’m from Palmas, capital of the state of Tocantins, Brazil. I created the (dead marcelo) nickname to start promoting my work, the “dead” is about the death of the ego, detaching from time.

ta: Were you born with a synth in your hand? How did your love of art and music develop?

dm: My first contact with music was very early, my grandfather, great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather are musicians, due to the Brazilian country culture.

‘Joao do Laço | Ao solo ‘
‘i love my job’

ta: You also have several visual art projects, what are some things inspiring that work?

dm: What inspires me the most is to think about freedom, I confess that I use a hack called thc to have inspiration to experiment constantly.

ta: How did you discover the world of NFT’s?

dm: I found out via discord and twitter.

ta: Have NFTs changed your creative practice or your personal life?

dm: NFTs changed my life, I met Paulo P via Hic et nunc. He bought some nft’s of mine and invited me to work at @cloudwalk as a sound designer, it completely changed my life! Something I studied as a hobby and music lover, thanks to nft’s, is now my job!

ta: How do you think cryptoart will change the creative landscape in the future?

dm: Cryptoart will become a term that will go down in history as a rebirth of the means of artistic production.

‘matéria escura’
‘the color of the sound # 200721’

ta: One food you could eat forever?

dm: Mandioca, banana

ta: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us! Where can people learn more about you or buy your work?

dm: people can log into my y.at and see me criticizing operandi modes and healing nft’s via @dead_marcelo on Twitter!

ta: What are some of your inspirations?

dm: I’m inspired by elements and objects from nature, in music I have a very close reference, one of my biggest references is Iury Grooveman, a double bass player I’ve known for about 10 years, since I was a child, we skated together and he introduced me to music theory and to the modular synthesizer.

ta: We found your music during an early search of the H=N marketplace and I came across one of your synthesis racks. For someone who stumbles across ‘Exploiter Patch’ for example, can You give a short explanation of what we’re looking at as well as hearing?

dm: This object is really cool, there are 8 sequencers working in 4 steps, each step a note.

ta: How would you classify your sound?

dm: I classify my sound as landscape and modular ambient, and strange noises.

‘Opsylloscope C’
‘Cyclic Cellular Automata – 78

ta: How do you decide when a project/piece is ready to share?

dm: I sincerely experiment without fear of making mistakes and share my evolution, it’s been like this for a few months.

ta: What are things you would tell a new artist/musician just getting started with NFTs?

dm: I would like to tell people not to waste time on buying nft’s and Tezos haha! Really though, I recommend reading the blockchain paper that you are going to enter your work in and I recommend doing this yesterday, run!

‘making off curta metragem andarino’

View the full live-stream here

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