tezos-artcast #021

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We had Marc Fendel on the show to talk about his career in music, his discovery of Nft’s & crypto and the future of the music industry! Davey Francis joined pc84 as special guest host to diss Coldplay and mention a few movies he’s upset with. ENJOY!

N-Lite: ‘CORPSE’
poppel: ‘The Future Rerun #9 -Iris-4’
Inigo Bilbao: ‘Anonymized CT scan 01’
MonsterDefiner: ‘Papoliu & Lomlom’
_driangle: ‘driangle.musicvideo 20210626’
Cedric Fangeat: ‘Fetish’
Dora: ‘Violence’
Darta Katrina: ‘Duplexity’
Fracto: ‘Nebulae’
CRYPTEMES: ‘DOF Tryptichon Right’
Viju: ‘Warped_Spere_Part_1’
Afkas: ‘Volcanic Hazards’
Arya Mulara: ‘Reaper’

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