tezos-artcast #023: femiki

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This week we had the pleasure of meeting artist and illustrator femiki. We talked about her life as a full time artist and what brought her to where she is now. Along the way we learned about what goes into her style and she shared a few tips for upcoming artists. Connect with her on Twitter and check out all her art HERE.

Queen of Decay 8bit (BW)

femiki often releases variations on her work some more limited than others. The ‘Queen of Decay’ is an example of this but with an additional Halloween twist! Holders of the B&W version on our favorite holiday will be entered into a raffle to win the piece these Queens are a variation of! Queen pink holders are guaranteed a special unspoken arrival in their wallets!

Queen of Decay 8bit (pink)

femiki pulled this beauty out of her unpublished collection to share with the community! It’s called ‘ornamental’ and is limited to 20 editions. We are so grateful for her kindness and look forward to seeing her success and getting those sweet secret drops in our collections!

peace love & art!


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