tezos-artcast #026: Moon aka Mumu_thestan

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This week we met with artist and pixelator moon aka mumu_thestan. Her style ranges from poetry and pixel art to striking illustrations.

We talked about moon’s artistic journey and how pixel art for her started out as making fan art for another artist she admires. She shared how important it is to not only create, but to disconnect and take care of our mental health.

Aubergines (eggplants) became one of the first strange trading phenomenons to seemingly erupt from nowhere. But the story is actually really great and it turns out moon was responsible! She also started one of the early Tezos collectibles project called TacoPixies

She made one lucky winner very happy after the show, giving this lighthearted pixel piece ‘Wombat Kiss’ to one of our viewers in a random drawing! Connect with her on Twitter and check out more art HERE !

We look forward to meeting her again!

peace love & art!


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