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fractal vector

Pedro Kozovits goes by a few aliases that help him define his experimental output. Fractal Vector is how we first came to know this artist after finding a chip tune masterpiece included in the first Tezos-artcast Mixtape. We quickly discovered his creative talents spread beyond making chiptune or four on the floor bangers and bled into the strange and beautiful visual arts. No need to take psychedelics when going on this journey, the worlds and creatures he is creating with his other aliases Psybonacci & Ubi et Quando. will be trippy enough to stand on their own!


-fractal vector-

‘full melt’

-fractal vector-

‘Bee the one’

-Ubi et Quando-

‘Meltin Melvin’

-fractal vector-

Pedro was kind enough to put together a dj set (and artwork!) that showcase his taste for diversity entitled ‘Stomach’ which he shared with our viewers after the interview! Put this on with some headphones or big room speakers and check out more of his work while you’re at it!

Thanks Pedro!

Peace Love and Art!

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