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Feature of the Week- Reza Afshar: Turmeric
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Another holiday is behind us and the scariest part may be that there are more of them just around the corner!

This month we saw H=N pass 500,000 objkts minted on the platform and Kalamint has artists showing up on Times Square billboards! People where I work are using ‘NFT’ in everyday conversations more and more!

Is it a sign of the apocalypse, or just the inevitable culture shift we’ve been waiting for?


The clock is ticking and it’s only a matter of time before the evil overlords figure out how to spoil our fun, so let’s have fun while it lasts and establish a community that will thrive in spite of all the doom and gloom!

Let’s celebrate the new art that we’re finding all the time and let it inspire us to create more!

Chris Mason: ‘All Seeing Eye’
365Hues: ‘Kid Lost in The Woods’
divinesgrave: ‘smoke session’
canvas51: ‘Mill’
cryptohamster: ‘ΑΝΤΙΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ’
Mario Daguéz: ‘Torment’
EZ: ‘witjk’
Arum Dayu: ‘Woman Who Lost Her Face #1’
Fantom Engine: ‘Good Company’
Ebrahel Lurci: ‘Valorn’
Cemhah Simi: ‘Cool Sleep waelker’
Roman Drits: ‘Rudens’
Bárbara Bezina: ‘Aliviadora de dolores arraigados’
Reza Afshar: ‘Turmeric’
Maria Pleshkova: ‘Talk To Me’
Pava One: ‘Nude Pixels 32’
itsmeyourangel: ‘Pale Moonlight’
kinkowski: ‘Taste of Scars | Fibroadenoma
Gaspard de la Guerre: ‘MONO 16’
Yakim: ‘Dragonfly’
HamadaOno: ‘Cabeza 7/10’
Waxo Wood: Tropical Holes’
summer.bluess: ‘QUEEN OF HEARTS’
Vacastian: ‘Juanita’
Ben Roberts: ‘Phantom Zone’
Jollyroger X Arya: ‘Hidden Power 1’
WakkuKakktus: ‘Symphony of Chaos’



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