explorations 12.6.21

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Here is a nice round up of art to get us up to speed from Halloween through Thanksgiving and beyond! So many wonderful artists that I can’t get enough. enjoy! -pc84

Barbara Bezina: ‘Búcuba’
Ekeko: ‘Motherly’
earhole: ‘bite more shit!’
DigitalNoiseFrontier: ‘VRR RED 3’
Ferdi Darmawan: ‘Mati Suri’

Explosante-Fixe: ‘Convulsive Beauty #17’
Stefany Zefanya: ‘Journey’
KBK: ‘Time Traveler #1’
Kaspar: ‘Jet Lag’
Teriell: ‘Kehrseite’
cryptofangs: ‘I Love My Brujita’
order of the dark wheel: ‘The Harbinger’
rock nitty: Breakfast Freestyle’
eddie tree: ‘loop #047 // {bioscan} cerebral node’
OxCreative: ‘Strangeness’
Daniela Alves: ‘Pig Destroyer III’
Brian Rau: ‘Evil Twin Cats’
Dan Wise: ‘Sunday Service’
Aditya Saputra: ‘The Elder’

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