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tezos-artcast LIVE: Rocket Monsters

The creator of Rocket Monsters joins us to share the inspiration behind this colorful project and share plans for the future!


Oxtazy is a carefully designed collection inspired by octopuses. The collection consists of three tribes: Alieni👽, Ignis🔥 and Nobili💎. The 3 of them don’t know it yet, but they have something in common... Deep dive into Tezos blockchain with the 3D creatures right from the bottom of the ocean! - User controlled reveal - […]

Atelier 09

Created by a fully female team, A09’s are hand drawn digital art collectibles, embellished and assembled one by one with over 400 unique traits. Each A09 is inspired by the fantastic people who build and make up the NFT community, from influencers, to illustrators, to musicians.